Welcome to the iTaukei Trust Fund Board

The iTaukei Trust Fund Board (TTFB) was established by the Fiji government under an act of parliament in November 2004. The aim is to foster the advancement of indigenous Fijians and Rotumans by promoting initiatives that will better their standard of living, and enhance appropriate cultural traditions and values. 

Our Vision

The prominent institution empowering the Vanua to uplift the wellbeing of iTaukei and Rotumans.


The Valenibose at the iTaukei Trust Fund Complex, Draiba. (Photo: Robin Palmer, 2009)

Our Mission

To develop and facilitate initiatives that will improve the quality of life and enhance cultural traditions and values of iTaukei and Rotumans, through:

(a) Culture, heritage and lanaguage programs

(b) Leadership, management and entrepreneurship

To prudently invest the TTFB Funds to earn superior returns while complying with the iTaukei Trust Fund Act and to enhance the long-term value of the Trust.

Meke iwau 'club war dance' in Lakeba, Lau, August 1955. Photo: Robertson Wright, August 1955. (Source: P.33.5.34, Fiji Museum Archives)

Our Objectives

The objectives of the iTaukei Trust Fund Board are:

  1. To provide funding for the undertaking, promotion and sponsoring programmes on Fijian language, culture and the study of ethno-history and ethno-geography
  2. To provide funding to help develop the management, leadership and entrepreneurial skills of the indigenous Fijians and Rotumans
  3. To sponsor research into languages, art, and culture of the indigenous Fijians and Rotumans and the better understanding and preservation of their heritage.
  4. Any purpose approved by the Board to be beneficial to the indigenous Fijians and Rotumans.

Lakalaka performance on Bau Island in 1982 at the opening of the GCC meeting. Photo: Adi Litia Mara Dugdale, 1982. (Source: Online, www.facebook.com, 12 June 2017)

The Draiba complex (a.k.a. iTaukei Trust Fund Complex or the Great Council of Chiefs Complex) is located on 87 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Draiba, Suva. It consists of several buildings: the Valenibose and Members Lounge …

In collaboration with the Fiji Museum, TTFB was involved in the development and assemblage of a temporary exhibition called

TTFB supports authors in their quest to publish by helping produce documents of appropriate scope and quality in both English and Fijian languages…

The British Council’s Active Citizens programme is a social leadership programme that promotes inter-cultural dialogue and community-led social development. …