Current Project

Leadership and Management Workshops

TTFB is currently funding the 3rd Phase of the iTaukei Affairs Board, Leadership and Management Provincial and Tikina level workshops.

Lakovi – the first Fijian play

Lakovi is a 90 minute drama which focuses on a typical Fijian family of today facing the social complexities of living a lifestyle where there are choices to make between culture and modernisation. The main plot centres on the daughter who has been asked for traditionally to marry a young man serving in the British army. The boy in contrast has been raised in a Fijian Village setting.

Na Ketekete Qele: A Fijian legend

iTaukei Trust Fund Board produces ‘Na ketekete qele. Na itukuni kei Di Nono’, a new creation story based on a legend.

Vakavovotu Workshops

The iTaukei Trust Fund Board conducted a series of workshops for interested individuals fluent in Fijian or Rotuman in Suva during 6th – Friday 10th December, 2010: