iTukuni Animations

Itukuni Animations

In partnership with the Institute of Fijian Language and Culture (IFLC) of the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, TTFB is currently working on the animation of Fijian folklore (iTukuni)which seems to have lost the space and significance it once had due to modernization and the influx of all sorts children entrainment that contribute to the erosion of societal morals. These folklores have themes and morals that are deeply rooted in the values of respect, hard work and honesty among many others. In bringing these stories and its characters to life through the art of animation, TTFB and TILFC hope that these values will rub off on our young audience and instill in them a sense of respect and responsibility in passing on this age old oral tradition to those that will come after.

At present Mr Isoa Ledua has almost completed phase 1 of the pilot which is the development of the comic strip before it moves on to stage 2, the Animation phase. The two iTukuni being piloted are ‘Teri kei Kalavo’ and ‘Veivunauci i Ra Kasala’. Below are some of the sketchers from the character development phase.


Character Designs Teri Kalavo RaKasala 4a

Character Designs Teri Kalavo RaKasala 5a

Teri Kalavo Page 02a


Character Designs Teri Kalavo RaKasala 5a Bu


Character Designs Teri Kalavo RaKasala colour size