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The Great Council of Chiefs, A brief history (DVD)

A one hour documentary on the the Great Council of Chiefs, from 1874 to 2007 when the Great Council of Chiefs Complex was officially opened. The documentary highlights concerns and events pertaining to the welfare of indigenous Fijians. The final production is a result of the collaboration of researches from the Department of Information, Film and TV Unit, National Archives, Fijian Affairs Board, the GCC Secretariat and the Fijians Trust Fund Board. Produced by the Ministry of Information.

Price: FJ$20

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Lakovi (DVD)

The first Fijian drama in the Fijian language about Adi Kiviiwai who has been traditionally asked to marry Setoki, a soldier in the British army. Written by Dr. Apolonia Tamata and Larry Thomas, Directed by Fiji’s renowned playwright Larry Thomas.

Price: $30